Thursday, June 10, 2021

Here We Go!

 Good morning, Torpedo Family! 

This Saturday morning, June 12, will be our first meet of the season! Please have your swimmers ready to warm up at 8am. 

There are going to be a few changes for this meet that we are trying out for future home meets.

1. Tents will not be allowed on the pool deck. You can set these up in Rotary Park and on the tennis courts.This will be the case at other pools, as well. We hope this will make it a little less dense on deck and easier for you to watch your swimmers. The gate to Rotary Park will be opened for everyone to move on and off the deck. Please do not enter the pool deck from the tennis courts; that gate is for swimmers only.

2. Clerk of Course will be at the entry from the tennis courts to the pool deck. Swimmers will need to go there to check in for their events and then will go as a heat to the blocks.

3. Please have your swimmers pay attention to their events and the announcements from clerk of course. We don't want anyone to miss their swims!

4. We are still in great need of volunteers. I would love to see a member of each family volunteer for at least one shift. We won't be able to run the meet without you all as volunteers. Please sign up via SignUpGenius: There is something everyone can do to help. If you're curious about what everything is, please check out this previous post on the subject:

5. We will be using stopwatches this week as the timing system needs a tune up before we can put it in to use. 

Your swimmers have been working hard over the last two weeks, and this should be a fun event! See you all at the pool!

Monday, May 3, 2021

2021 Bubble Down, Practice Schedule, and Meet Schedule

Good morning, Torpedo! 

There are several pieces of news I want to pass along to everyone. 

First, as you may have already seen, we will be taking the Bubble down. The pool will close on May 14 at 11am and re-open Thursday, May 20 at 7am. For now the pool schedule will be the same until around June 1 when we begin our swim lesson programming and VTST practices. A more detailed pool schedule will be available in the coming weeks. Don't forget sign ups start next Monday, May 10!

The next big piece of information is Torpedo practice times. Please remember to have your child at the appropriate practice time. If for some reason they need to attend a different practice every once in a while, it needs to be cleared by me. Practices start Tuesday, June 1.

9-10, 11-12, Novice 13-14: Mon.-Fri. 8am-9am

Advanced 13-14, 15-18: Mon.-Fri. 9am-10:15am 

8 & Unders: Mon.-Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm 

Finally, the next piece of the scheduling puzzle is our meet schedule. Please remember to sign your swimmer up by the deadline for each meet in our notebook at the pool/ fitness desk. If a swimmer isn't signed up, they won't be entered. We will be trying a few Saturday morning home meets this year. Warm-up for those meets is 8am, and we should be able to wrap up by noon or 1pm at the latest. Away meets will be on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, and they will have a 5:30pm warm-up. 

The Sprint/Distance (for ages 11 & Up only) and Champs meets are Saturday meets. You should expect the Champs meet to last all day. We will have more detailed information on those two meets in June, but please remember, swimmers will have to have participated in two meets in order to be eligible for the Champs meet on July 31.

Sat., June 12: Intrasquad/Virtual Meet @ Valdese, 8:00am Warm-Up

Tues., June 22: @ Black Mountain Stingrays, 5:30pm Warm-Up

Sat., June 26: Granite Falls Sharks @ Valdese, 8:00am Warm-Up

Thurs., July 1: Black Mountain Stingrays @ Valdese, 5:00pm Warm-Up

Sat., July 10: Forest City Stingrays/ McDowell Mariners @ Valdese, 8:00am Warm-Up

Thurs., July 15: @ McDowell Mariners, 5:30pm Warm-Up

Sat., July 17: Themed Sprint/Distance Meet (11&Up Only) @ Black Mountain, Warm-Up TBA

Thurs., July 22: @ Forest City Stingrays, 5:30pm Warm-Up

Sat., July 31: TSL Champs Meet @ Forest City Stingrays, Warm-Up TBA (ALL DAY MEET)

There will be more information coming in the next few weeks, and don't forget, we will need officials and volunteers. I'm looking forward to working with you all this summer and having a great time!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Starter/Stroke and Turn Official's Info (UPDATED FROM 2017)

Good evening, everyone! This is a repost of a post from 2017, with some updated links.

The main point of this blog post is to get you all information regarding the stroke and turn/ starter training.  In the past I have served as the lone starter at home meets, and I would love to be able to pass the whistle off to some others to free me up to spend more time on deck away from meet management.

Stroke and turn officials need to do three things for us to be "certified."

Number 1: Watch the USA Swimming videos available online here: Scroll down to find the videos. Stroke and turn officials have several shorter (6 minutes or less) videos to watch. Starters have one thirty minute video to watch. These videos are accessible through YouTube, as well.

Number 2: Take the 25 question assessment based on commonly seen things at our meets and the videos. You only need to get 18 correct to pass, and you can take it multiple times (Starters don't need to take this).

Number 3: Shadow an already established official at a meet on deck to get the hang of what it is like  officiate. Potential starters need to spend about 5-10 minutes on deck with me prior to working a meet.

Neither of  these jobs are difficult! Go ahead and give it a try. Not only will filling these roles help the team, it will help you understand what is expected of you swimmer when they step to the block. It's a great way to learn about the sport while helping out, and we can't be at our best without YOUR help (Yes, I'm talking to you!).

Thank you all for making this a fun and exciting job!